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For Technical Support always be sure you have the latest release of TimeBillingWindow before contacting us. (Click Help, Updates and Check for Updates and install the latest if needed.)

ZPAY does not charge from hundreds of dollars a year like our competition does. We rely on our users to take advantage of our on-line help system so we don't have to pay for a support staff to answer your questions which have all been asked and answered before and posted on-line for you. If you need step by step assistance showing you what to do, use the Tutorials by selecting Tutorials below if that does not help, then look for the answer in the Support Forum by using the selection below for Support. If you do not find a solution, please use the support forum to ask your question. This is how we can afford to keep our software affordable by "sharing" the support with all of our users. As a last resort you can contact us directly. Email is preferred so we can give you links to the solution that you may need.

Support Choices:

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You can view the Tutorials. They are small movies that take you by the hand, step by step through the setup and use of TimeBillingWindow.

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On-line Version of the Help File. The new TimeBillingWindow Help File in HTML on the web. Searchable and all of the information found in the new help file.

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Download Printable PDF Help File. The new TimeBillingWindow Help file in Adobe Acrobat PDF format where you can actually print it out as a paper manual.

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Our Support Forums. We prefer you use this as it allows us to share the questions and answers with all of our users.

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The TimeBillingWindow Frequently Asked Questions Forum has the most common asked questions about TimeBillingWindow. It has screen shots to show you how to do things and more. If you call or write us in email, we will most likely send you here so see the answer rather than trying to talk you through it.

Please try to use the above methods before contacting us direct so we can continue to give you truly affordable software and maintain the high quality that we have for over 30 years.

ZPAY Payroll Systems can be contacted at:

ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.
10745 Serenity Lane
Savanna, IL 61074-2916

Email: support@TimeBillingWindow.com
Phone: 815-273-2322


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